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Long drive ahead? Face up to it with JLR’s mood control

  • AI technology will monitor driver and passenger(s)
  • Facial expression recognition will tackle stress
  • Working towards ‘a tranquil cabin sanctuary’
DRIVER WATCHES THE ROAD – CAR WATCHES THE DRIVER: Artificial ‘intelligence’ will watch both for comfort and alertness. Image: JLR

PRETORIA, Gauteng – Jaguar Land Rover says it is investigating new artificial intelligence (AI) technology not only to try to understand a drivers state of mind but also to adjust cabin settings to improve his or her well-being.

The technology uses a camera focused on the driver’s face and uses biometric measurements to monitor and evaluate the driver’s mood then adjust (as needed) the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, media system and ambient lighting.

All based on the driver’s facial expression. Which in time, Jaguar says, ”will implement appropriate settings automatically by learning a driver’s preferences and making finer adjustments. Such as…

ADDING NEW DIMENSIONS TO DRIVING: A smart camera will watch the driver’s face and adapt the cabin ambience to suit. Image: JLR
  • Changing the ambient lighting to calming colours if the system detects driver stress.
  • Selecting a favourite playlist if signs of weariness are identified.
  • Reducing the cabin temperature in response to yawning or other signs of tiredness.

Similar technology for rear-seat occupants through a camera mounted in rear of the front-seat head restraints could dim the lighting, tint the windows, and/or and raise the temperature to help an occupant (s) to doze.

Dr Steve Iley, JLR’s chief medical officer, told The Corner in a media release: “The emphasis as we move towards a self-driving future remains as much on the driver as it ever has.

”However, a holistic approach to the driver and implementation of what we’ve learnt from research about personal well-being over the last decade or more we can make sure our vehicle occupants remain comfortable, engaged, and alert at the wheel – even on a monotonous freeway.”

WATCH A VIDEO of the system in action HERE

”The system,” JLR says, ”is one of a suite of technologies being explored to improve the driving experience and intended to create a sanctuary in each vehicle.

”Mood-detection software is the next generation of JLR driver tracking technology a driver monitor to detect drowsiness, for instance, which will cause a warning to take a break.”

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