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Merc, Bosch combine to make autoparking real

STUTTGART, Germany – Bosch and Daimler have state approval to use groundbreaking automated parking in the Mercedes-Benz Museum high-rise garage here which accepts vehicles for entry and allows them to find their (humanless) way to a designated parking slot on one of  several floors

The move, which works through a cellphone, introduces the world’s first driverless parking system. Watch the system in operation…

Bosch management board member Markus Heyn told The Corner in a media release: “This decision shows that innovations such as automated valet-less parking are possible in Germany – an important building block for mobility.

”Automated parking shows how far we have progressed with development.”

Michael Hafner, head of drive technology and automated driving with Daimler, added: “This approval sets a precedent for future approval for the parking service in garages around the world. As a pioneer in automated driving, our project paves the way for automated valet parking to go into mass production.”

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There is as yet no official approval process for automated driving functions that do not require a driver so the local authorities – Stuttgart regional authority and Baden-Württemberg’s state transportation ministry – oversaw the project with experts from the German technical inspection service.

Their aim was to assess the operational safety of the system.

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