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Vettel’s private demons will chase him at Hockenheim

HOCKENHEIM, Germany – Sebastian Vettel will battle not only other drivers but also some personal demons during his home German Formula  GP at Hockenheim this weekend.

After all, the 2018 race was where it all began to go wrong for the four-times World Drivers’ champion… he was within reach of an easy win in front of his home fans but a sudden shower washed away his hopes. He crashed, Reuters reports, ”and Hamilton came through to win and seize a lead he would never give up.

”It was the most high-profile of several mistakes that undid the German’s championship bid but surely the most painful?”

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Errors have continued to hassle him so far through 2019 – for instance, he ran into Max Verstappen’s Red Bull car in the UK two weeks ago and some pundits say Vettel now risks being upstaged by younger team mate Charles Leclerc.

The young challenger has through 2019 had more podium visits, pole starts and fastest laps. Vettel himself told Reuters: “We have to make up for 2018, especially myself, and I’m looking forward to Hockenheim. The atmosphere is always phenomenal and the crowd is great.”

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