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‘Driven to Distraction’: Try Kwik Fit cellphone test


LONDON, England – Research revealed in 2019 has shown that more than 2.7-million drivers have  through the previous two years had a collision or veered off the road because they were distracted by a mobile phone.

The survey, commissioned by Kwik Fit, the UK’s largest automotive servicing and repair company, found that, of these drivers, just over a million collided with another car while their attention was diverted from the road.

About 1.8-million drivers reported a collision during the previous two years caused by another driver distracted by a cellphone.


Despite the frequency of such distraction causing a crash and the fact that the use of a phone without a hands-free set is illegal many drivers could not resist the lure of the little screen.

A quarter of drivers survey admitted reading a text message while driving and 20% surveyed confessed to sending texts.

Texting is just one of the distractions of a phone – the most common reasons given taking a call on a speaker, making a call, or using a phone’s satnav.

Kwik Fit found that men were more likely to use a mobile for any reason while driving than women – for instance, male drivers were 45% more likely than female to have read a text at the wheel (28.2% / 19.5%).


This difference in attitude is highly likely to be a factor in the number of drivers who have crashed – 1.7-million men have had a collision or veered off the road as well as 970,000 women.

The study also highlighted the danger younger drivers are bringing on themselves and other road-users: themselves and other road users. An astonishing 18% of drivers aged 18-34 admitted to a collision or veering off the road while using a phone – a number that dropped to zero percent for drivers older than 55.

Those aged 18-34 were six times as likely to have read a text while driving.


Kwik Fit has launched an interactive game called ‘Driven to Distraction’ on its website to highlight how using a mobile when driving affects reaction times.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “It’s alarming to see that so many drivers still risk death by using a phone while driving. There are already so many other distractions on the road that it is vital that drivers pay attention and remain focused at all times.

“The aim of our game is to demonstrate how easy it is to lose focus when interacting with a phone when driving.”

Griggs continued: “So many things can happen on the road but unfortunately we can’t prepare for everything so concentration is key.”

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