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JLR going seriously uptech with in-car satnav, video

NOW YOU CAN HAVE A TIGER IN THE CABIN, TOO: Jaguar Land Rover specialists are looking into new ways to improve not only driving safety but also journey entertainment. Image: JLR

LONDON, England – Jaguar Land Rover says it’s developing head-up display technology able not only to beam road-safety information in front of the driver but also for passengers to stream 3D movies direct from their seat.

The display is intended to project road-safety alerts such as (below right) lane departure, hazard detection, and satnav info to reduce the effect of poor visibility or bad light. Augmented reality, it’s hoped, will add depth perception.

Studies in Germany have shown how stereoscopic 3D displays in a vehicle can improve display reaction times and improve depth judgments while driving.

USING THE HIGHWAY AS A SCREEN: Future driving aids might display windscreen images in proportion to the road ahead. ImageL JLR

The tech might also be able to display 3D movies using head- and eye-tracking to follow the viewer’s position so there will be no need for individual screens or shutter glasses.


In a fully autonomous future, Jaguar hopes, individuals will be able to choose individual entertainment. Or the 3D could give a personalised experience so individuals can select their own entertainment.oy their own choice of media – including journey details, points of interest, or movies – and optimised for where they are seated.  

The research – undertaken in partnership with the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics at Cambridge University in the UK – is focused on developing an immersive head-up display, which will closely match a real-life experience and let drivers react more naturally to hazards and prompts.

The next-generation head-up display research is part of the development into Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Smart Cabin’ vision: applying technology to create a personalised space inside the vehicle for driver and passengers with enhanced safety, entertainment, and convenience features as part of an autonomous shared future.

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