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Hijacking self-defence: Take a course, fight the scourge

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – A report by the South African Cities Network has released data about hijackings of which road users, particularly in Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and eThekwini, should be aware.

Vehicle hijacking in those areas has increased – contrary to data from other major municipalities. Data supplied to MasterDrive reports that, somewhere in South Africa, there is a hijack, on average, every half-hour or so.

MasterDrive’s MD Eugene Herbert told The Corner: ”We spend time teaching and skilling ourselves in our professional and personal lives few people can say the same for personal safety and protection.


“Given such statistics is it not evident that every road-user in South Africa should know exactly what to do if threatened with a hijack – just as when younger they learned to read and write.”

HAPPY RIDE FOR NOW… but that can all change in mere seconds. Image: Supplied

MasterDrive has developed an Urban Survival Xperience (USX) that will make such skills accessible to as many people as possible – and hopes those skills will be passed on to family and friends.


Herbert  says: “The USX course first shows drivers and passengers how to be aware of potential danger and how to react should that threat materialise.”

There are, of course, other dangerous situations on the roads. “Whether or not this is a criminal looking for a target at a traffic light or you being followed by a strange car at night.

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”We considered every possible way a driver’s personal safety might be threatened and developed training based on the experience of police officers and other professionals.

“We believe it is every individual’s right to know how to protect themself on the roads and have made the USX course as accessible as possible. We’ve ticked all the boxes to ensure every person can be empowered.”

The USX course will also, The Corner was told, will become a regular class shared in an intensive MasterClass session in coming months. Thus, drivers who cannot attend the course during office hours or at one of the events we host you can still participate at a time that suits you. The MasterClasses will be held on Saturday mornings, outside of traditional business hours, at an affordable price.

If you would like to join us, send an email to nishani@masterdrive.co.za to reserve your spot. Otherwise contact us on 086 110 0618 or www.masterdrive.co.za .

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