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Great Wall’s P Series Pickup challenging bakkie Big 3

HAVAL P-SERIES PICKUP: The Chinese automaker says it has bakkie giants Ford and Toyota squarely in its marketing sights. Image: Supplied

BEIJING, China – Great Wall Motors’ new P Series Pickup has been officially launched to, the automaker says, ”bring the dawn of a new era for Chinese passenger bakkies” and to enhance the brand’s globalisation. That’s it above – quite sexy double-cab, hey…

Haval says the bakkie will be user-centered, a bakkie for everyone and for every situation as a “super product” offering superior levels of service and a ”super” customer experience”. It’s aiming, we’re told, at the world’s top three in the segment. Given the way the vehicles have been accepted in South Africa, that’s no so far-fetched as one might think…

The Pickup (using the brand name in China) is said to be the first global bakkie offered by GWM and is lined up to, the automaker says, ”commence a new generation of pick-ups that will soon be available around the world, reshaping the global pick-up landscape and aiming to be ranked among the world’s top three trucks”.

Think Toyota and Ford, the company imputes…

HAVAL P-SERIES PICKUP: The Chinese automaker says it has bakkie giants Ford and Toyota squarely in its marketing sights. Image: Supplied

The brand’s strategy is said to maintain the ”absolute first place in domestic and export sales”; to reach annual sales of 200 000 units by 2020; to achieve cumulative global sales of three-million units by 2025 and is launched to build bakkies for everyone with a “superior product” offering “superior levels of service” and a “superior customer experience”.

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That last will, Haval says, include outdoor clubs, car modification suppliers, sport brands, and NGO organisations to create a ”P Series Pickup Alliance” within a pick-up culture that will include the opening and sharing of marketing promotion, peripheral products, space and various groups gathered to promote pick-up culture.

Great Wall says the bakkies will have the comfort of a sedan, the off-road ability of an SUV, the recreational nature of a station-wagon, and the loading capability of a light truck… ”four vehicles in one”. The product will also offer –  with customisation – more than 100 variants according to powertrains and driving form. It will also include a six-way, powered, and heatable driver’s seat, dual-zone auto aircon, more than 100 sound insulation and absorption treatments and multi-link rear suspension.


Also likely are lane-keeping and other advanced driver-assistance functions.

Power will come from a two-litre turbo engine hooked to all-wheel drive, the driver assisted by the latest generation of Bosch 360 View, Rear View Camera, Lane Departure Warning, intelligent forward view and 12 all-round radars.

The Chinese media material did not specify if or when South Africa will be among the countries supplied.

Sounds like we should hope so…

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