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Peugeot goes high-tech with three-motor AWD SUV

PEUGEOT HYBRID4: Three motors, high performance and plenty of space, idenify the brand’s new SUV. Image: Peugeot Europe

PARIS, France – The success story of the Peugeot 3008 sport ute, the automaker says, with more than 700 000 sold since launch in 2016 has gone into another dimension with a Hybrid 4 model – a unit with more power than any other assembled by the brand.

The  Hybrid4, in Europe at least, is a top-of-the-range version, its 220kW spinning a transmission which hits the tar with all-wheel drive.

This, Peugeot says, is the result of combining a 147kW PureTech engine with two electric motors:
one at the front coupled to the e-EAT8 developing 81kW and the second at the rear capable of 83kW.

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All hooked up, and they’ll punt the hybrid SUV to 100km/h in 5.9ssec , and the battery capacity is 13.2kWh for a 100% electric range of about 60km. Charging the battery, Peugeot says, ”is easy and fast”. A full charge can be completed in an hour and 45 minutes using a wallbox.

AWD, the French assert, will provide traction over difficult terrain with ”flawless grip” on wet, muddy, snowy or winding roads with torque evenly distributed over all four wheels.

THREE MOTORS, TWO DRIVE MODES: There’s also the promise of ”high-level comfort” for the new Peugeot Hybrid4. Image: Peugeot

”The combination of the efficient EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform) platform and a new multi-arm rear axle provides high-level comfort though integration of the rear axle has no effect on cabin or luggage space.”


The Hybrid4 is only available in GT version so comes with Alcantara trim and real aged-oak wood. Adaptive cruise control with a Stop & Go function will maintain lane position and speed..

A few months after its launch the Hybrid4 will be joined by a 165kW two-wheel drive Hybrid4 version, which will combine a 132kW) PureTech engine with an 80kW) electric motor over the front axle.

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