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Sián of the times: Latest Lambo hybrid set to wow Frankfurt

BOLOGNESE, Italy – Automobili Lamborghini has unveiled the Lamborghini Sián at the Frankfurt Motor Show, described by the company as ”a hybrid super sports car delivering new technologies and unsurpassed performance in the hybrid sphere”.

This the fastest Lamborghini yet is said to be of a futuristic design that draws on the brand’s styling DNA.

”The car has a V12 Lamborghini engine, the automaker says, ”engineered around unique hybrid technology to deliver the extraordinary emotion and exceptional dynamic performance of a non-turbo super sport-car while meeting a future demanding electrification.”


Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini’s chairman and CEO, added: “The Sián is a masterpiece in possibilities. Not only does it deliver a formidable hyper-car design and engineering tour-de-force today but it augments the potential for Lamborghini as a super sport-car for decades to come, even as hybridisation becomes more desirable and inevitably essential.”

The Lamborghini Sián (it means ‘flash’ or ‘lightning’ in the Bolognese dialect) is said to represent the first step in Lamborghini’s route to electrification and expedites the brand’s next-generation V12 while emphasising the first electrification of a Lamborghini production car.”

Domenicalind added: ”It confirms our strong connection to the territory in which we operate. With the Sián, Lamborghini demonstrates its dynastic strength as a legendary super sport-car of the future.”

Maurizio Reggiani, chief technical officer, added : “Lamborghini’s strategic heritage in one-off and limited series cars is not only a commitment to exclusivity but also a presentation of future design and technology. With this car we set ourselves a challenge to create the best hybrid solution for a Lamborghini to provide us with the first step on our electrification strategy.

“Lamborghini is inherently a rule breaker, a challenger, always pushing what is possible to find a better solution. The Sián defines our route to innovation and we are setting new rules in new technology instead of following existing solutions.

”The result is the Sián, which includes the world’s first application of a supercapacitor for hybridisation and new materials technology.”

The Sián, the media information adds, has the V12 as the pinnacle of Lamborghini engines and develops a new super sport-car powertrain: ”a unique new hybrid that focuses on providing the highest power possible via the lightest solution”.

A 48V e-motor capable of 25kW has been incorporated into the gearbox – said to be the first time in any low-voltage hybrid that a direct connection has been made between electric motor and wheels. The e-motor also supports low-speed maneuvers such as reversing and parking with electric power.

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The energy accumulation technology is also said to be a world first. ”Rather than a lithium-ion battery,” Lamborghini says, ”the Sián innovates supercapacitor application: a technology pioneered in the Lamborghini Aventador but dramatically developed to store 10 times the power.

”It’s three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight and a third the weight of a battery producing the same power. It’s in the bulkhead between cabin and engine to maintain perfect weight distribution. The electric system with the supercapacitor and e-motor weighs only 34kg, so delivering a weight-to-power ratio of 1.0kg/hp.”

Symmetric power flow ensures the same efficiency in both charging and discharging cycles: the most lightweight and efficient hybrid solution. This technology combines with the V12 engine (which makes 577kW at 8500rpm), the most yet in a Lamborghini.

Combined with the 25kW from the hybrid system, the Sián delivers a total 602kW). Weight-to-power ratio is better than that of the Aventador SVJ, thanks in great part by using light materials, which helps the Sián to a top speed of more than 350km/h.

The Sián also has regenerative brakes developed by Lamborghini: normal Li-Ion batteries can be charged and discharged with the same power and the Sián’s energy storage system is fully charged every time the vehicle brakes.

It’s also the Lamborghini with the fastest launch time: 0-100 km/h in less than 2.8sec


”The extreme Sián design,” Lamborthinia says, ”is a clear statement of the car’s aerodynamic efficiency and technological prowess. Airflow is directed through the front splitters, through the front bonnet, through the side air-intakes and outlets, and over the rear spoiler. Active cooling vanes on the rear are triggered by the reaction of smart-material elements to the temperature generated by the exhaust system, causing them to rotate and providing cooling.”

The Sián haute couture: 63 unique pieces

Not only is the Lamborghini Sián’s dynamism and intriguing technology clear in its design but it represents a new level of haute couture: all of the 63 masterpieces will be individually styled by each owner to create exclusive individuality through Lamborghini Centro Stile in conjunction with Lamborghini Ad Personam.


Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s head of design, referring to the show-car (pictured) told the Corner in a media release. “The fastest Lamborghini must be a visual and symphonic feast, as remarkable to those who see it pass by as those privileged to drive it.

“It takes inspiration from the Countach, but the Sián is a futuristic, not retrospective, icon. Exclusivity is enhanced by the only 63 customers being able to select from personalisation features. They will own not only the fastest, but also a unique. Lamborghini.”

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