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Bentley ready to ‘Grand Tour’ with new Continental GT V8

2020 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL: Image: Bentley Motors

CREWE, England – Bentley has announced 2020 model-year details about what it calls ”our ground-breaking Continental GT, the GT V8” and tells of the introduction of features.

Firrst, a glass roof for the Continental GT W12; then gloss carbon-fibre has been applied to the facia and doors on all models, while the Continental GT V8 ”blends a lively and engaging drive with unparalleled levels of luxury and cutting-edge technology”.

The V8 model has recently launched on Bentley’s car configurator with which potential buyers can explore the comprehensive array of options available to build themselves a unique car to their own taste. Or use it and just dream on… the Continental GT alone, Bentley says, has seven-billion possible configurations.

2020 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL: Image: Bentley Motors

The glass roof option, prices starting at the equivalent of R58 000 – is available on the GT Coupe W12 to, Bentley says, ”give a new perspective on occupants’ journey while illuminating the exquisite craftsmanship of the Bentley’s cabin”.


The glass is polarised – like the sunglasses of the 1960’s – to reduce glare and a powered interior blind will keep things private, if so desired. It’s clad in Alcantara that can matche one of the 15 headlining colours.

The Continental GT V8 has a new-generation, four-litre, twin-turbo, engine capable of 406kW and 770Nm which, Bentley says, ”combines immense power with impressive fuel-efficiency delivered with a characterful V8 burble though four exhaust pipes”.

Vroom, vroom… for the third-generation Continental GT V8 and GT V8 Convertible  that combine driver-focused performance with exquisite refinement and cutting-edge technology”.

GREAT FOR GRAND TOURING (does anybody still do that…?)

”The third-generation Continental GT,” Bentley says, is the pinnacle of Bentley’s design and engineering achievements and sits in the modern luxury grand tourer segment that the British brand created in 2003 with the launch of the first version.

2020 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL: Image: Bentley Motors

The new-four-litre, quad-valve V8 petrol engine in the Coupe  is capable of about 320km/h and can reach 100km/h in four seconds. Data for the convertible is as near as dammit the same and the car can run of four cylinders when possible to conserve fuel and keep the green meanies quiet.

The packages ride on 10-spoked 20”, painted alloy wheel rims though nine more designs up to 22” are on the gigantic options list.

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The GT V8 comes with a  fully digital, driver-focused, instrument panel and if specified a rotating  31cm screen in a three-sided unit which revolves into sight from the veneer.

The automaker points out: ”The new Continental GT V8 provides the driving character expected of a class-leading grand tourer along with the performance available via the Bentley Drive Dynamics selector which hooks up various modes to give the full breadth of performance from class-leading refinement and comfort to focused sport handling.”

2020 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL: Image: Bentley Motors

As well as all-wheel drive and steering assistance the V8 units will be available with a wide range of driving assistance features, among them lane-keeping and parking assistance.

Shouldn’t the chauffeur be able to handle those? Just askin’…

2020 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL: Image: Bentley Motors

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