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Hamilton says pole-position farce ‘a dangerous trend’

MONZA, Italy – Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton suggested on Saturday it might take a crash before the sport did anything to prevent qualifying turning into a farce at high-speed circuits such as Monza.

The fastest track on the calendar produced one of the slowest ever final shootouts for pole position ahead of Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix.

Nine drivers did all they could to avoid taking the lead, each eager to get an aerodynamic  ”tow” from another on track where the pull from a car aheD can be significant. Then the whole farce ran out of time and start positions were set according to times set on the first flying laps.

READ THE full Reuters feature here.

Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen crashed at the Parabolica and the cars had to slow – the result being there was no time left for a final, qualifying, lap. As Hamilton pointed out: “Everybody going out as late as we just did there, for example, with two minutes to go, it’s going to continue to be an issue in places where you particularly need a tow.”

”Only when somebody crashes will it change. I nearly crashed a couple of times trying to stay out of the way of the guys who were braking ahead of me and then people trying to come past me.”

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Hamilton will start on the front row, next to Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Here are the grid positions:



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