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Conti goes high-tech with self-adjusting tyres

SENSORS, SENSORS, SENSORS.  Continental Tyres launched its first version of a smart tyre at the 2019 Frankfurt auto show that can inflate itself and report damage to a control centre.  Image: Continental Tyres

FRANKFURT, Germany – The 2019 Frankfurt auto show was Continental Tyres’ show of choice to launch its Conti CARE, described as ”a comprehensive technology system”.

CARE? It stands for connected, autonomous. reliable, electrified and represents what the tyremaker describes as ”a fine-tuned networking of wheel and tyre technology and the manageability of the desired performance characteristics”.

Which translates into a system of tyre management for, for instance, robotic taxis to maintain performance and cut running costs with sensors in the tyre rubber constantly evaluating tread depth, damage and tyre temperature/pressure.


The data goes to a central operation called ContiSense and, if necessary, the tyre pressures can be adjusted by a pump built into the wheel rim. Any excess compressed air will be stored in a tank.

Finally, a SilentWheel concept showed showgoers a modified wheel rim capable of reducing vibration generated while driving.

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