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Another Asian tiger set to get claws into F1 circus

SINGAPORE – Vietnam Grand Prix organisers have been reported as saying they’re confident their race will join Singapore in lighting up the Formula 1 calendar for years to come after it debuts in 2020.

Not all F1 fans, The Corner believes, are big fans of the cramped city-centre Singapore track, given its propensity for crashes and ”safety car” laps as exhibited during the 2019 disaster. Perhaps Singapore will put on a better show in April 2020.

Vietnam GP chief executive Le Ngoc Chi was reported by Reuters s saying: “Vietnam is the right country at the right time in the right place. It’s a perfect time to join F1 given our (country’s) robust economics, traditions, culture, our people and our food.

”Everything is just right.”

READ THE FULL Reuters feature here.

He also expected the new GP to attract not only tourists but also investment, promotion, technology and opportunities for businesses in Vietnam to connect with businesses around the world.

He told Reuters: “We want to showcase to the world that we are not just a country that got out of a war. We are developing, we are moving forward very quickly, we are the new dragon of Asia.”

READ THE FULL Reuters report covering the Singapore race here.

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