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RentMyRide goes into overdrive for SA holiday season

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – RentMyRide, a new South African peer-to-peer vehicle rental company, has told The Corner its pumping up its service division ahead of the upcoming South African holiday season with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg available 24/7 for information and client support.

This division also handles background checks on vehicle owners and renters and facilitates vehicle listings.

Sebastian Brokmann, CEO and co-founder of RentMyRide, says the service offers a comprehensive vehicle rental service similar to that of large vehicle rental organisations but its cars belong to private owners. They are available through the RentMyRide website.

MEET THE BOSS: Sebastian Brokmann, CEO and co-founder of RentMyRide in South Africa. Image: Supplied

The RentMyRide service, Brokmann says, is the first of its kind in South Africa and is modelled on large peer-to-peer platforms such as Snappcar in Europe and Turo in the United States.


He added: “Every year we see a massive influx of foreign tourists and tech-savvy local travellers looking for an affordable and easy vehicle rental. There are many similar services in other countries so visitors to South Africa should feel comfortable with RentMyRide.

“Since we facilitate a peer-to-peer match, and our preference is for more-affordable vehicles, we’re able to undercut standard rental rates by as much as 40% by keeping our overheads low and removing the large cost of owning a fleet of cars.”

Brokmann and his colleagues recently introduced a Professional Fleet Owner division which allows car dealers or small rental companies to upload several vehicles at once and make money from idle cars.


“Many who list cars on our platform started during the holiday season when they themselves were away on holiday and tested our platform to make money instead of their home cars standing idle. This is the ideal time, since we have so many enquiries and the demand for rental cars far outstrips supply.”

On top of facilitating rental bookings and handling payment RentMyRide does background checks on every person who wants to rent a vehicle. It further offers insurance up to R150 000 on any damage to a vehicles.”

  • RentMyRide is available in most cities in South Africa, including Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

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