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Electric Maserati: New Italian hub for next-gen models

MASERATI: The revered badge will live on when a range of electric models is released starting from 2020. Image: Maserati

MODENA, Italy – Maserati, in line with the FCA’s €5-billion investment programme for Italy, has announced a plan to assemble vehicle electrification and autonomous driving technology, including battery vehicles.

They will be produced at plants in Modena, Cassino, and Turin and Grugliasco).

Every Maserat will be fully assembled in Italy and adopt hybrid and battery propulsion systems capable of the performance ”embedded in the brand’s DNA”.

Electric models will combine traditional Maserati driving dynamics with next-generation battery technology offering unique driving modes, extended range, and fast-charging.


An important step for innovation, Maserati says, is the level of autonomous driving. ”All new Maserati, including updated current models, will offer a range of autonomous capabilities, starting with Maserati Level 2 enhanced Highway Assist and progressing to Level 3 with hands-off close to full autonomy.

”That will mean having the ability to manoeuvre among traffic lanes or halt the car at the roadside  if the driver is unable to retake control.”

2020 will see the electrification of the Maserati Ghibli, the first hybrid electric for the brand.


”The first all-new Maserati to will be the eagerly-anticipated sport car – packed with technology and reminiscent of Maserati’s traditional values. It will be produced at  Modena, where major production line upgrades are also under way to accommodate its electric powertrain.

Next up will be a new Maserati utility vehicle,  to be built at Cassino and, the automaker says, will play a leading role for the brand ”thanks to its innovative technology”.

About €800-million (R13-billion) has been earmarked to built the new production line. It will be completed in 2020 and the first cars are expected to roll out from 2021.


After many years of success, GranTurismo and GranCabrio remain part of the brand’s roots and will herald the full electrification era for Maserati. They will be assembled at the Turin production hub, where FCA is investing €800-million.

Production of the new models will complement that of the prestigious and continuously improving line-up of current Maserati range: Levante, Quattroporte and Ghibli.

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