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Motors for the moneyed: First Bentayga deliveries find homes

2018 BENTLEY BENTAYGA: The (very) big, proud and beautiful (at least to the eyes of Carman’s Corner ) Bentayga will be for the very rich, but it will go pretty much anywhere and at speeds rarely available to drivers of high-performance sedans. Image: Bentley Motors

CREWE, England – Bentley has confirmed that the first Bentayga Hybrid SUV units have been delivered in the brand’s centenary year as ”as a significant milestone for the company” as it works on the development of  sustainable luxury mobility.

”The Bentayga Hybrid is blazing a trail for the British brand’s journey into the next 100 years,” the automaker says. ”The Bentayga Hybrid is not only the world’s first true-luxury plug-in hybrid but also the company’s most efficient model yet.”

Bentley says its focus on ”sustainable” luxury mobility has involved re-prioritising its model plan to accelerate towards battery-only versions of all its models with the marque targeting the introduction of its first fully electric Bentley by 2025.


Meanwhile, Bentley, says, its first plug-in hybrid model has a ”best-of-both-worlds” experience, combining a powerful new three-litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine with an electric motor that delivers and instant response. It also uses future-focused technology to provide a serenely quiet and luxurious driving experience.

It is also the world’s only plug-in hybrid vehicle offering 64 standard colours with unlimited bespoke options.

Peter Bosch, Bentley’s manufacturing boss, told The Corner in a media release: “The delivery of the first Bentayga Hybrids is an historic moment for Bentley, taking us a step closer to truly sustainable luxury mobility. As we prepare for the next 100 years, we’re investing significantly in initiatives that reinforce our commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated by the visionary all-electric Bentley EXP 100 GT concept.”

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The Bentayga Hybrid represents a new chapter for Bentley, adopting new working practices, test procedures and specialist training for more than 3000 Bentley employees and its expanding HQ in Crewe has also evolved with infrastructure changes that include the addition of more than 50 charging points throughout the site.


The Bentayga Hybrid’s E Motor acts as both electric motor and power generator. It’s capable of 94kW/400Nm with instant acceleration that eliminates turbo lag. The battery can recharge in 2.5 hours (depending on charger). The three-litre, turbocharged V6 petrol engine can give 700Nm of combined torque, 254km/h and 0-100 km/h in 5.5sec.

Bentley adds that it has potential for 750km (charged and full tank) or 40km battery only and an overall fuel consumption of 3.5l/100km. Base price in the UK: £133 100.

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