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Ford Transit Nugget: Gold standard for campervans

FORD CUSTOM NUGGET: Luxury end of the campervan market. Image: Supplied

BIRMINGHAM, England – The Ford Transit Custom Nugget is officially on sale – in the UK, at least – with prices starting at the equivalent of a few thousand over a million rands and is on show at the 2019 UK Motorhome and Caravan Show.

The Transit Custom Nugget creates a wifi hot spot for up to 10 devices, enabling campers to stream a movie, catch up with work online, and keep the kids amused with their favourite TV shows thanks to the Ford Pass Connect on-board modem with a range of 15 metres.

Hans Schep, general manager of Ford Europe Commercial Vehicles , told The Corner in media release: “The connected Transit Custom Nugget will let people roam and relax while staying in touch with friends, family or work.”

FORD CUSTOM NUGGET: Luxury end of the campervan market. Image: Supplied

According to the Caravanning Industry Association a record 125 000 motor caravans were sold in Europe through 2018 with sales of the more compact one-ton campers growing 13%, according to Ford data.

Booming sales are forecast to continue well into the next decade.

The onboard modem has been introduced as part of a package of enhancements to the latest Transit Custom Nugget that improve performance, fuel-efficiency and driver comfort.

The Nugget has a three-room layout that includes a kitchen, separated from the rear seating, which combined with the rear-tilting roof creates a wider space with more headroom.

FORD CUSTOM NUGGET: Luxury end of the campervan market. Image: Supplied

Two side doors and the ability to walk-through from front to back contribute towards easy access around the airy cabin, which can sleep four.

The base package is powered by Ford’s two-litre EcoBlue diesel engine but a second more powerful variant is available in the UK with a choice of manual or auto transmission. The EcoBlue diesel has been optimised to cut fuel consumption by as much as nine percent.

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Other driving aids installed include cruise control, lane-keeping, blind-spot coverage, and a smart towball to help with parking.

The Ford Transit van has been a popular vehicle for camper conversions since its launch in 1965.

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