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Buying used tyres? Go ahead, it’s your life at risk

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – A recent report from a major tyre manufacturer has shown that more than 60% of second-hand tyres sold in South Africa are not safe to use.

South African Tyre Manufacturing Conference chairman Darren Hayes-Powell told The Corner in a media release: “This is a staggering statistic – one possibly fatal for those who use them. We urge drivers to buy – new or used – tyres only from a reputable dealer.”

Used tyres are often sold to people seeking to save money. Unless they are supplied by an honest dealer they are likely fit only for a scrap heap.


Hayes-Powell says that the choice between the a waste tyre and a safe-to-use tyre could be a matter of life and death. “The consequences of fitting second-hand tyres can be dire. They reduce the performance of a vehicle by increasing stopping distances, raising the risk of skidding, and increasing the risk of a blow-out.”

However, used tyres are probably safe to use if…

  • Tread-wear indicators are still below the surface of the tread.
  • There is no exposed fabric or cuts, lumps or bulges.

A second-hand tyre is NOT safe to use when you see:

  • Tread depth across any part of the tyre below the level of the tread-wear indicators.
  • No tread-wear indicator, due to carving the rubber on tyres to create more tread depth (regrooving).
  • Damaged rubber that exposes fabric or cord.
  • Cuts, lumps or bulges.


Hayes-Powell added: “More concerning is that we’ve seen tyres damaged beyond repair superglued so that the repair is not visible. This will certainly cause a tyre burst and, probably, a crash. If you have any doubt about the quality of a used-tyre DON’T BUY IT.”

If you do fit used worn tyres your insurance might refused to pay out in the event of a crash.

“While the onus of labelling and destroying waste tyres lies with retail tyre centres the catastrophic effects lie with drivers.”

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