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Subaru tops-up new-car warranty – but get in quick!

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Subaru Southern Africa has launched for  limited time an extended five-year (or 120 000km) comprehensive maintenance plan for some current models.

The standard warranty is three years or 75 000km.

”The new plan will,” the automaker says, ”be for a limited period and covers all routine servicing and maintenance and mechanical repairs required as a result of normal wear-and-tear. It will also include roadside assistance.

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Subaru SA’s Nteo Nkoli told The Corner in a media release: ”This extended plan is offered free as part of the retail price of a new Subaru. We’re constantly assessing how to further our customer’s ‘Confidence in Motion” – this is away to do that.”

Nteo noted: ”It also offers better value for money, especially during the current economically challenging conditions facing South Africa.”

  • Further to the five-year/120 000km plan, all new Subarus are warranted against any material defect or workmanship for five years or 150 000km,

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