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Mazda MX-30: Another stunning battery car for SA?

2019 MAZDA MX-30: Image: Supplied

TOKYO, Japan – Mazda Motor Corporation has unveiled its first mass-production electric vehicle, the MX-30, at the 2019 Tokyo auto show.

The addition to Mazda’s car catalogue is the automaker’s third new-generation model and is intended to offer an experience for potential customers to relax and be themselves and to, the automaker says, ”deepen the bond between car and owner with the introduction of creative time and space that invites new ways of using a vehicle”.

2019 MAZDA MX-30: Image: Supplied

Mazda says the MX-30’s styling is intended to raise its artistic value and expand the range of Mazda’s design language by being based on a concept of “Human Modern”.


”The design,” the automaker says, ”is grounded in the beautifully honed, handcrafted, forms of Kodo, yet aligns itself with changing values and new lifestyles.”

Space in and around the centre console, Mazda explains, gives the cabin an open feel and uses environmentally beneficial materials such as cork and fabrics made from recycled materials used ”to bring out their natural appeal”.

2019 MAZDA: Image: Supplied

The MX-30 has center-opening double doors so owners can invent new ways of using the car.


Propulsion comes from electric-drive technology – e-Skyactiv – which, Mazda says, ”combines outstanding response with smooth dynamic behaviour to achieve performance that drivers can enjoy naturally”.

Whether the car will be released in South Africa remains to be seen.

2019 MAZDA MX-30: Image: Supplied

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