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120-year-old Fiat gets back on the road again for Brighton

120 YEARS OLD, BUT STILL GOING STRONG. This 1899 Fiat will celebrate its age by leading off the 2019 London-to-Brighton vintage car run. Image: Fiat

LONDON, England – An extremely rare Fiat 3½ horsepower assembled in 1899 will on November 3 run as a competitor and as a sponsor in the 2019 London-to-Brighton drive.

This 120-year-old vehicle is capable of about 50km/h.

Fiat, one of the oldest automotive manufacturers, has been named the official sponsor of the 2019 London to Brighton Car Run organised by Britain’s Royal Automobile Club.

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The title of sponsor is exclusively reserved for the most famous car manufacturers whose history dates back to the pioneering cars, prior to 1905. Only these iconic brands, the organisers explained, can take part and Fiat has always been one of the more than 400 participants to take part in the annual commemorative trip.


The Italian brand is collaborating with the UK’s National Automobile Museum in Beaulieu to get the oldest Fiat in Britain back on the road for the 100km run from central London to the coastal resort of Brighton.

The Fiat is  a permanent exhibit at the National Motor Museum. It can comfortably seat two adults and two children, sitting facing the driver in a vis-à-vis configuration. With its 697cc dual horizontal cylinder engine and three gears (no reverse!) it can reach about 50km/h and has a fuel consumption of 15km/litre.

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