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Auto diff lock gives Isuzu SUVs keys to the desert

ISUZU MAKES NEW TRACKS:  The (strangely named) Isuzu mu-X SUV now offers an option of a superior differential lock for when the going gets, well, like that above.   Image: Supplied

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa – Isuzu’s seven-seat mu-X  SUV now offers a mechanical diff-lock for 4×4 and 4×2 models.

The Eaton MLocker is said to be a mechanical locking differential which provides automatic additional. Technically, the MLocker works as a light-bias limited-slip differential during normal driving or as a locked diff when conditions demand.

The MLocker locks, The Corner was told, automatically in a fraction of a second to maintain traction over or through wet roads, icy conditions, gravel, mud, dirt and sand.


The MLocker engages when a low-traction situation causes a wheel rotation difference of 100rpm. A flyweight mechanism opens to engage a latching bracket and the stopped flyweight triggers a self-energising clutch system, forcing a cam plate to ramp up on a side gear.

This continues until each axle rotates at the same speed (full axle lock), which prevents further wheel slip. Unlocking occurs automatically allowing the differential to resume normal operation.

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The MLocker does not interfere with vehicle safety systems as it is automatically disengages from 30km/h.

The Eaton MLocker is available as a R11 500 (incl VAT) option on all mu-X models.

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