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Datsun goes ‘auto’ with its CVT GO budget cars


ROSSLYN, South Africa – The recently introduced Datsun GO CVT (continuously variable transmission) units claim to have it all… and, at the prices, seem sensible solutions to motoring for the less-privileged.

So, what has ‘CVT’ brought to the model range…? Basically, such a ”gearbox” removes the need for gear-changing and, in fact, a conventional set of steel cogs. The result is a quieter drive and, the automaker says, all-round better driving and more kilometres per litre of fuel.


Hide Kuwayama, the new head of Datsun SA, says he is confident that the new CVT versions of the Datsun GO and GO+ will prove a major disruptor among South Africa’s entry-level vehicle segment that’s been in the country since 2014.

Kuwayama added: “Our new CVT units are a completely new experience for progressive, self-driven, young drivers looking for best-in-class technology. It also comes with a number of upgrades involving safety and comfort.”

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The cars also come with an Alliance Radio infotainment system with a 19cm touchscreen and Android Auto and Apply Car Play. The Datsun GO and GO+ CVTs are also equipped with Bluetooth, a USB port, and an AM/FM Wave radio.

Front crash mitigation bags have been standard, along with anti-lock brakes, since November 2018.


Other upmarket equipment on these well-priced vehicles include a new stability control system that employs wheel speed, steering-wheel position and lateral acceleration – using sensors. This information is further used to provide electronic stability control.

None of which is much use unless the car’s occupants are wearing a seat belt – so the cars ”ping” to remind its humans to buckle-in.

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