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Pumping black power: RGB’s bolt-on beauties for VW

MORE POWER TO YOUR VW: Another perfect induction system for your VW. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG,  South Africa – In time for Christmas 2019 Rob Green Motors is celebrating black… the black of glossy carbon-fibre that’s part of a replacement engine induction system from Goliath.

The new induction system has been designed for the latest VW Polo GTI to our Goliath range, a growing array of power-boosting, carbon-fibre, cold-air induction systems for (currently) VW and Audi performance models.

RGM already has Goliath systems for Golf7 GTI and R and for Audi S3 and RS3, each guaranteed to add 10kW to the engine output without any other changes or adjustments.


Rob Green, founding member of RGMotorsport, told The Corner: “The customer drives in and while he or she waits we’ll fit a Goliath system to their Audi, Golf or Polo. The charge? An hour’s labour while the customer relaxes with free wifi and refreshments.”

The units are true bolt-ons, moulded carbon-fibre cold-air intake systems designed to effortlessly replace the whole stock airbox. The result,the workshop says, is an unrestricted flow of air filtered through a performance cone filter and delivered straight to the inlet manifold with as little interference as possible.

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The Goliath collects air from a high-pressure zone at the leading edge of the bonnet, packing it into the voluminous interior of the cylindrical body. This minimises turbulence while creating a ram-air effect – which becomes more efficient as speed increases.


Rob Green explained: “GTI-badged VW products are known and respected for their all-round ability and suitability for daily driving. We’ve enjoyed more than a decade of success tuning them and no tuner can lay claim to having achieved as much with the EA888 two-litre petrol-turbo engine as we have.

”With the latest Polo GTI now using an engine similar to the Golf GTI, it made sense for us to create a Goliath for Polo, working from the same basic recipe.

“The Audi S3 uses the same basic engine design as Golf GTI/R and Polo GTI and while the RS3 is a five-cylinder, our market research suggests that there will be good uptake of Goliath systems from the owners of both the 270kW  and 294kW versions.”

All Goliath units are available as a DIY kit, including all fasteners and bracketry.

  • Prices for the Goliath range starts at R9400, including VAT.

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