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High times ahead for unique Isuzu bakkie

ISUZU LIFTER: Juan van Rensburg (bottom) tests the functions of the aerial platform while Mustafaa Rania, body mounter and welder at Kanu, operates the aerial cab. Image: Supplied

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa – Kanu Commercial Body Builders has created an Isuzu bakkie with an aerial platform that can soar more than 15 metres skyward and swivel through 360 degrees.

Kanu’s MD Mike Pienaar said the platform was fitted to an Isuzu D-MAX 250 bakkie for maintenance work in the telecommunications and energy fields. ”It’s versatile and can be manoeuvred in confined spaces. Aerial platform applications are commonly fitted to trucks – fitting one on a bakkie is unique.

”It’s a handy and cost-effective solution for work that needs to be carried out at height.”


The platform can manoeuvre up to 6.5m sideways and can carry two people and their tools (200 kg).

Kanu design and engineering boss Juan van Rensburg said it took about four months to develop, test and complete.

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The D-MAX’s 250 diesel Isuzu engine powers the hydraulic pump of the aerial lift – which works with a pulley system and is controlled by a switch in the cab.

Pienaar added: “The bakkie is a good example of how we drive innovation and provide products for niche markets. From concept to final product, Kanu has a solution for any business. Each body is custom-made and designed to meet the specific needs of the customer for just about every commercial or business sector in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Commercial Body Builders is in Markman Township in Nelson Mandela Bay, Kanu  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Isuzu Motors South Africa and designs, makes and sells steel-based truck bodies and D-MAX dropsides and flatbeds.

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