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Mahindra Dare: Special conversion for budget buyers

2019 MAHINDRA DARE: Image: Supplied

PRETORIA, South Africa – India-based automaker Mahindra is bringing premium specifications and extra style to the entry-level market with the introduction of the Mahindra KUV100 NXT #DARE and a local conversion shop.

The KUV100 NXT #DARE will only be available in the budget-friendly K2+ version at R156 000 as a permanent addition, slotting in between entry K2+ and K6+ models.

Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra SA, told The Corner in a media release: “We’ve introduced the #DARE in response to the popularity of the KUV100 among the youth and young-at-heart. It’s packed with extra features but remains as a very affordable option in the compact hatch and compact crossover market.”

2019 MAHINDRA DARE: Image: Supplied

The conversion from the base models is being executed at a Mahindra operation in Gauteng, converting a standard KUV100 NXT K2+ into a #DARE. It opened in November (2019) as a next step in Mahindra SA’s programme ”to help deepen our roots as a local automotive icon”.

The facility will also help to assemble the automaker’s Pik Up Karoo.

The #DARE is equipped with additional style elements that build on the unique KUV100 NXT compact crossover design and which will be unique to this model.

”The additional features add to the recent upgrade of the entire KUV100 NXT range,” Mahindra says, ”which introduced a fresh exterior  and an upgraded cabin. It also emphasises the KUV100’s SUV-type stance with its higher-than-average ride height and long suspension travel.”

So what’s it add, then…?

First, a set of #DARE decals on the rear doors and tail. These all-black decals will for sure get the cars noticed. Then there’s a set of 14″ black alloy wheel rims.

2019 MAHINDRA DARE: Image: Supplied

The cabin changes add a Pioneer audio system which will convert a smartphone into an infotainment control centre that enables the driver or front passenger to access a phone’s features and music,while also controlling the audio.

But wait, as they say, there’s more…

The #DARE also adds central locking, embossed carpeting, and a rear parcel shelf.

Rajesh Gupta again: “The KUV100 NXT is one of the best-equipped compact crossovers on the SA market, especially after a model range upgrade in October 2018. The KUV100 NXT is also one of the safest models in its class.”

2019 MAHINDRA DARE: Image: Supplied

Among the many standard features across the entire KUV100 NXT range are two crash-mitigation bags, an immobiliser, and anti-lock brakes with electronic pressure distribution. These features, Mahindra says, made the KUV100 NXT one of the safest vehicles in its class (Indian BNCAP crash test programme, four-star crash rating).

All KUV100 NXT models also have electric steering assistance, aircon, a spare wheel, refreshed cabin design features that include and under-floor compartment and cupholders.

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The all-new #DARE,its maker says, will be introduced with a R2099-a-month payment parcel, a three-year or 100 000km standard warranty, and a two-year or 50 000km powertrain warranty. Oh yeah, and 24/7 roadside assistance for three years.

  • The 2019 AA Kinsey Report found the KUV100 NXT to be the most affordable vehicle in its class to service and repair and one of the overall most affordable vehicles on the South African market.

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