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Fighting Big Brother: UK city’s diesel drivers slate no-go

MARK CARPENTER Image: Supplied

BRISTOL, England – More than 80% of motorists have voted against a plan to ban diesel cars from Britain’s city centres.

A survey by freelance auto dealer chain Motorpoint of about 1000 drivers found 84% of poll respondents were opposed to plans by local authorities that could see Bristol become the first city in the UK to have a ‘Clean Air Zone’ that will ban diesel cars from the city centre.

Bristol City Council proposes to ban, from 2021, all private diesel vehicles from the city centre from  7am-3pm as part of a drive by the UK government to reduce air pollution in 24 towns and cities. A wider Low-Emissions Charging Zone would also come into force to police commercial vehicles – vans, taxis and HGVs.


Motorpoint’s chief exec Mark Carpenter told The Corner in a media release: “We applaud efforts by local authorities to create ‘Clean Air Zones’ in our towns and cities but the message from motorists is that a blanket ban on private diesel drivers, especially when two out of five vehicles on the road today are diesels, won’t work.

”Local authorities need to go back to the drawing board to come up with a solution that doesn’t just penalise diesel drivers.”

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