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27 Nissans for Pat – now number 28 is the latest Juke

2020 NISSAN JUKE. Deliveries have started in the UK and this was one of the first to be delivered.Image: Supplied

LONDON, England – The new generation of Nissan’s Juke range has arrived in UK showrooms and deliveries have started with one of the first going to Patricia McIntosh of Norfolk in eastern England.

As it should be for Ms McIntosh has been a Nissan customer since 1972 and her Juke Tekna is her 27th unit from the Japanese brand.

The Juke was designed, engineered and is still being assembled in the UK. It looks much like its predecessors though Nissan says practicality, cabin, and boot volume ”have all been enhanced” and ”the very best” of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies have been included.

FIRST DELIVERY: Long-time Nissan fan Patricia McIntosh takes delivery of her fifth Nissan Juke – her 27th Nissan. Image: Supplied

One, Propilot, is a new driving assistant that will keep the car in-lane and at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.


Also available (in the UK, at least) are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto  to duplicate smartphone screens and a full suite of connected services, among them Google Assistant to share routes or to talk to your smart device.

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Ms McIntosh commented: “I’ve owned 27 Nissans over the years and this will be my fifth Juke. They’re utterly reliable, economical to run, and really comfortable.”

Kevin Abbs, director at Crayford & Abbs, said: “When Pat came in to drive the new Juke for the first time it was great to see her so excited about her new car.”

  • Find out more about the Juke at Nissan UK .

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