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Jaguar and GridCars launch live EV charge stations map

LEADING THE CHARGE: Image: Jaguar Land Rover (Click here to see the full map.)

PRETORIA, South Africa – Drivers of all battery and plug-in hybrid vehicles in South Africa can now plan their journeys to fit in with public battery-charging stations nationwide.

A new live map displays the entire network of Jaguar Powerway and GridCars-supported public charging stations and indicates their current status – including whether any are online, offline or in use. The map also shows the time and date of the station’s last successful use, as well as a tally of that particular station’s total charge sessions to date.

Information about each charge station’s location with either map pin drops or GPS co-ordinates is also available.


Jaguar Land Rover South Africa’s Brian Hastie explained: “The primary charging habit for most owners or drivers of battery cars will be overnight at their homes but the future of such cars will ultimately rely on a public battery-charging network.

”As public charging stations become more common and the dots showing charge stations grow closer it will be vital for EV drivers to view the status of chargers remotely. This live map makes that possible.”

LEADING THE CHARGE: Image: Jaguar Land Rover

The point he is making is that EV drivers won’t want to queue for a charge position – it takes long enough as it is. – Editor

Jaguar South Africa founded its Powerway network of public charging stations in late 2018 along holiday routes (N1, N2,N3) and at convenient sites such as shopping centres in major South African cities. There will also be stations at every Jaguar Land Rover SA dealer.

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Most stations are 60kWh fast-chargers which also feature 22kWh AC fast charge ports to accommodate plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). The AC standard Type 2 socket will allow charging of all EVs currently available in South Africa while the DC charger will have a CCS DC type socket used by most EVs in SA.

The R30-million Jaguar Powerway investment, combined with the network of GridCars-supported public chargers, will it’s hoped make day-to-day travel and even very long journeys possible for electric vehicles.

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