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Jaguar F-Type: Purity and style sweep into showrooms

2020 JAGUAR F-TYPE: Image: Supplied

PRETORIA, South Africa – Another automotive gem from Jaguar has just landed in South Africa bearing a fine heritage: it’s the new Jaguar F-Type and its maker believes it is more dramatic than ever while carrying ”the latest Jaguar design DNA in its purest form”.

The proportions and lines are instantly recognisable as Jaguar, right back to its heritage back in the 1960’s with the E-Types, though slim diode headlights / running lights are far in advance of the E-Type’s bug eyes. New front bumpers and a larger grille will immediately identify the approaching shape in your mirrors.

2020 JAGUAR F-TYPE: Image: Supplied

”The haunches,” Jaguar says, ”sweep down to slender rear diodes.”


The cabin is lined with leather, faux suede and Alcantara; chrome flashes back  and, Jaguar says, ”craftsmanship is embodied in details such as monogram stitching on the seats and door trims”.

There’s also a new reconfigurable  31cm TFT instrument cluster and a Touch Pro infotainment system.

Pixel technology intelligently links the windscreen’s stereo camera to the lights’ controller so every diode can be switched off or dimmed to produce a high beam which masks out oncoming vehicles to avoid dazzling other drivers, while still illuminating the road.

A subtly enlarged grille is now wider and deeper and has an hexagonal mesh surrounded by either chrome or gloss black.

2020 JAGUAR F-TYPE: Image: Supplied

The bumpers have discreet signature graphics which differ depending on model range through R-Type, F-Type R-Dynamic, and F-Type R and a new clamshell bonnet design sweeps from the headlights.


The air vents have been moved forwards to be more efficient and to blend into the aluminium that surrounds them.

Adam Hatton, Jaguar’s exterior design director, told The Corner in a media release: “The F-Type has always had great proportions and stance but our latest design is all about enhancing those key Jaguar values. Our aim was to make the car more contemporary, more purposeful, more dramatic.

”The pixel diode headlights and the larger front grille give a more assertive presence on the road. We’ve re-designed the bonnet.”

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The 221kW four-cylinder has a single, central, quadrilateral finisher, the 280kW V6 two large round tailpipes. The 423kW V8 is identified by four outboard exhausts with R branding. All models can specify from 16 paints.

Alister Whelan, interior design director, added: “A Jaguar interior should always look and feel special, and none more so than a sport car, so we focused on beautiful details and refining the choice of rich materials and finishes. The high-definition virtual instrument cluster and new colourways deepen the driver-focused character.”

2020 JAGUAR F-TYPE: Image: Supplied

Lightweight slim seats come in two forms: Sport or Performance. The F-Type and F-Type R-Dynamic models come with the purest Sport version as standard. The Performance seat has more pronounced support at shoulder height, and is standard on the R and First Edition models.

* Pixel LED headlights are exclusively available on the new F-Type R

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