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Making private profits from parking: UK deals booming


LONDON, England – Britons have made a record £24-million in 2019 by renting  their empty driveway to vehicle users needing somewhere to park

More than 200 empty driveways and spaces were registered every single day with Your Parking and the the latest research from online parking portal also reveals that it has been a record year for driveway income – 78 000 new spaces were registered during 2019.

The latest millions dwarf figures from 2017 and 2918 – £15-million and £12-million respectively from 30 000 individuals and organisations in the UK registering driveways and empty spaces remained steady at just less than 30 000.


Harrison Woods, MD of, said: “More and more homeowners are seeing the financial benefits of renting an empty driveway. Many are making a significant additional income with our figures showing the average annual driveway earning in 25 towns and cities is just over £1000 (about R19 000).

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“However, it’s also businesses, schools and even churches that have unused parking spaces who are registering. If an empty space or driveway is in a location where there is a lack of parking, or because it could be cheaper than a normal car park, then there will be a demand from road users for this service.”


Typical driveway parking hotspots include those in city and town centres, plus those near sports stadiums, football grounds, music venues, train stations, and airports.

Harrison added: “2019 has been a record-breaking year and I’ve no doubt that 2020 will be even better.”

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