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Going into the woods today? Ford has the breadcrumbs

IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY:Ford’s ”breadcrumbs” will get you home again.. Image: Supplied

DEARBORN, Michigan – Ford is making off-road adventures less stressful ( but perhaps not as much fun) by giving drivers a “breadcrumb” path to find their way back home. Which might work for Ford but didn’t help Hansel and Gretel in the fairy tale.

When enabled in the SYNC3 navigation settings, the Breadcrumbs feature works in the background to drop a virtual pin every second while out on the trail or deep in the bush so when it’s time to go home – or back to camp – the screen will show the way back to their starting point – without the stress of relocating landmarks.

Or the kids chanting ”are we there yet?”.

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The satellite technology, in the US at least, is included in the Ford Ranger’s satnav and (in the US at least) on XLT and Lariat series trucks. Breadcrumbs is also available on other ‘Built Ford Tough’ trucks equipped with SYNC 3 and satnav.

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