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Brave VW targets as move to battery cars strengthens

WOLFSBURG, Germany – Volkswagen will launch 34 models worldwide during 2020, including 12 SUVs and eight electric or hybrid vehicles.

Volkswagen COO Ralf Brandstätter told The Corner in a media release: “Were at the beginning of an era and we mean business with e-mobility by investing €19-billion in technology through to 2024 about half of that in e-mobility development with the biggest electric offensive in the automotive industry coming in 2020.


”The ID.31 will be in showrooms by the middle of 2020 and be followed by the ID.Next2, our first electric SUV. Our ID. family will makes emission- free mobility accessible to many people for the first time.” (NB: While the vehicles might have no exhaust, the generation of the electricity to charge their batteries does. – Ed)

Whatever, VW says its commitment to the Paris climate goals stands. ”Vehicles and the company wlll achieve a carbon-neutral balance by 2050. Carbon-dioxide emissions from production are to be halved by 2025.”

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