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Volvo goes mobile with app-based valet service

LONDON, England – Volvo UK has claimed, in association with GoWashMyCar and Volvo On Call, to be the first automaker in Europe to provide an app-based mobile valet service called Volvo Car Mobile Wash.

Volvo owners can choose the date, time, and location and need not be present – Volvo’s remote car unlocking will allow access – and a free ”car health” check will be included covering tyre pressures/tread depth, screenwash top-up, coolant level check and visual report of the bodywork. Handy, The Corner admits, but hardly a ”health” check…

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Whatever, customers can choose where and when and there are levels of cleanliness according to price (wax, minimum water, for instance) and start at the equivalent of about R400 – and that’s just for a wash and depends on model.

The service will be started in and around London; the rest of the UK will have to remain mucky for a while.

UK readers can get more information here.

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