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Bridgestone tyre tech rolls into Vegas for its first CES show

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Bridgestone, said to be the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, will for the first time have a stand and the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in the capital of gambling from January  7-10, 2020.

Under the corporate spotlight will be mobility solutions intended to focus on extended mobility, greater safety, and better efficiency – something it has been exploring since at least 2011.

T J Higgins, Bridgestone’s vice-president and global chief strategist, told The Corner in a media release: “Bridgestone has almost a century of using technology and research to develop products, services and solutions for a world in motion. We are combining our core tyre expertise with a wide range of digital solutions to deliver products and services that promote safe and sustainable mobility and continue contributing to society’s advancement.”

Here are some of their contributions to the Vegas extravaganza…

Airless tyres for extended mobility: A showcase of advanced air-free tyres for commercial and domestic use that combine a tyre’s tread and wheel rim into one strong structure. ”This design eliminates the need for tyres to be filled and maintained with air, ” Bridgestone says, ”and essentially erases the dangers and downtime associated with a flat tyre.

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”We will also showcase an airless elastic tyre/wheel solution for a lunar rover currently being developed for an international space exploration mission.”

Proactive smart-tyre tech for greater safety: Bridgestone says modern mobility technology has not realised what is happening in a tyre and on the road – ”a barrier to fully-autonomous driving”. So, the company says, it has tyre sensors and powerful simulation capabilities to build a ”next-generation” digital twin of the tyre.

”At CES, Bridgestone will demonstrate how its digital twin and connected tyre technology can  generate specific and actionable predictions that can enhance the precision of vehicle safety systems.”

Webfleet solutions for efficiency: Webfleet is said to be  platform that uses data and analytics to move millions of vehicles as efficiently as possible. ”At CES,” Bridgestone says, ”people can view a simulation showing how telematics transform the way business will be done worldwide by advancing safety and improving cost efficiency.”

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