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Britain’s most popular cars: Black is beautiful

FINDING MAXIMUM FAVOUR: VW’s Golf – as long s it’s black. Image: Supplied

LONDON, England – The UK’s most popular new car through 2019 was a black Volkswagen Golf according to a study of the nation’s tastes and including an analysis of more than 38-million online adviews.

The numbers were published in a UK ‘Most Popular Cars 2019’ report from Auto Trader (which claims for itself the title of ”the UK’s largest digital marketplace for new and used cars”). It surveyed 2000 UK drivers from ad views on Auto Trader’s website using an app to calculate the most popular makes, models and features on the new-car market.

According to the report, the Golf is the UK’s most popular new car, ahead of traditional top-sellers Ford’s Fiesta and Focus – and for the second consecutive year. The top 10 ‘Most Popular’ of 2019 are listed in the adjacent table.

Audi is apparently the year’s most desirable overall new-car brand with a total of 4 814 795 ad views since January 2019, overtaking BMW by almost 800 000 and continuing the contest between the German brands.

The data also shows that interest in electric cars is starting to overtake that for hybrids. The electric Audi E-Tron is said to be the UK’s most popular ecocar, aligning with changing attitudes towards going green as the government offers subsidies and manufacturers continue to improve range and reduce battery costs.

Top of the shopping list are air-conditioning (52% said ”important when selecting a new car”), power windows (49%) and a capacious boot (41%).


Among the least popular features are a sunroof (nine percent), heatable steering-wheels (eight percent) and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (seven percent).

The report also reveals that black is the UK’s most popular new-car paint job (21%) followed by lbue (19%) and silver (16%).

Auto Trader’s Rory Reid told The Corner in a media release: “Audi’s performance shows the strength of its brand across all classes and price brackets. From the A1 to its prestige and electric models, it has something to appeal to all tastes and budgets.  The brand performed particularly well among drivers aged 34 and under, highlighting its status as a brand to which many younger driver aspire.

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“The VW Golf also performs well, outscoring top0selling models such as Ford’s Fiesta and Focus and so indicating the strength of this evergreen brand with new-car buyers.

“The most popular electric cars are consistently outscoring petrol hybrids for desirability in the eco ranges, suggesting a change in the nation’s tastes for more environmentally friendly cars thanks to the expanding charging network. The top-scoring electric model, Audi’s E-Tron, gained seven percent more interest than did the top petrol hybrid, Toyota’s Corolla.”

  • You can find brand-new cars on Auto Trader UK at pre-haggled prices. For more information on the UK’s ‘Most Popular Cars 2019’ report by Auto Trader, click here.

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