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Ready? Set? Here’s where the 2020 Dakar Rally will go

Stage 1 – January 5
The 2020 Dakar will start in Jeddah, covering a total of 752km, with the competitors finishing the day in Al Wajh. Special stages, from which overall classifications are created, make up 319km of the opening day’s racing.
Stage 2 – January 6
The racing continues on from Al Wajh to Neom, with competitors enjoying a shorter day at 401km overall. Those expecting the racing to be any less furious will be in for a shock, however, as special stages account for 367km of the route.
Stage 3 – January 7
Stage three will see competitors start and finish the day in Neom, but they’ll still be covering a challenging 489km overall, with 404km marked as special.
Stage 4 – January 8
Leaving Neom, the race heads to Al-`Ula, some 676km away. It’s another challenging day when it comes to the overall classification, with a huge 453km marked as special.


Stage 5 – January 9
Stage five sees competitors race between Al-`Ula and Ha’il, covering a total distance of 563km. 353km of that is special, giving racers a slightly easier – or at least shorter – day when it comes to overall timings.
Stage 6 – January 10
The race then continues to Riyadh in one of the longest stages of the 2020 Dakar, with over 478km marked as special and a huge 830km travelled in total.
Rest day – January 11
After such a monster stage, competitors and teams alike will be glad of the rest day, with the rally staying in Riyadh for some much-needed repair and recovery.
Stage 7 – January 12
Stage 7 sees the teams back on the road again, this time heading from Riyadh to Wadi Al Dawasir. It’s 741km in total, with a tough 546km of special stages.
Stage 8 – January 13
Competitors will spend all of the eighth stage in Wadi Al Dawasir, although they’ll be competing for time across 474km of special stages and traveling a tough 713km in total.

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