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Fiat goes electric with hybrid technology

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ROME, Italy – Fiat’s 500 and Panda have become the first Fiat-Chrysler city cars to be fitted with new petrol mild hybrid technology as the first step to the electrification of the Fiat brand.

They will be powered by new three-cylinder engines from the Fiat FireFly family combined with a 12V belt-integrated starter generator which will deliver 52kW.

The move, Fiat says, will reduce emissions by as much as 30%, depending on the model, in addition to the tax and traffic benefits of hybrid vehicles in densely populated areas.


‘’The 500 and Panda,’’ Fiat says, ‘’represent the two souls of the Fiat brand. The first, the more emotional one, is the pop, fashion and design icon. The second, the more functional and trendy one, with a hatchback.

‘Together they can satisfy any customer and need. Today, for the first time, they are together in a single special series: the Hybrid Launch Edition.’’

The Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda will be the first FCA Group models in their category to adopt hybrid technology and will be available from February and March 2020 respectively.

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“They will revolutionise urban mobility,’’ Fiat says, ‘’once again making the hybrid accessible to all and indeed becoming the new European benchmark for electrified urban mobility.

‘’They will provide all the benefits of efficient, compact, light and accessible hybrid driving. In short, it is the best solution for a city car and consistent with the Fiat approach.

‘’For the past 120 years Fiat has been a pioneer in technology and an innovator in mobility and now sustainable mobility.’’


The electrification of the brand, Fiat says, will continue with the start of production in Turin of a 100% electric 500 and 2020 will see the group offer a range of products and services to give customers a complete and sustainable mobility experience.

The mild hybrid version will reduce CO2 emissions on average by 20% and up to 30% for the Panda Cross, without foregoing performance.

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