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2020 Opel newbies: freshened buses, cars and vans


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 2020 promises to be an exciting year for Opel here in southern Africa. The planned arrival of the new  Astra – with its adjusted styling – will happen in the second quarter.

The Zafira Life and the Vivaro Cargo panel van will arrive in the third quarter, each with a two-litre diesel turbo engine.. Then there’s a revitalised Corsa range that should arrive during second half of 2019 – said by Opel SA to offer a comprehensive model range.

So here. by year quarters, are the Opel models to come during 2020… though perhaps not all specs are available yet.


Second quarter – Opel Astra

The Astra’s grille will adhere to the latest Opel identity with slim, double-wing, chromed winglets each side of the Opel logo and flowing out to the diode headlights.

Not much there then, so…

Third quarter

Opel Corsa Generation 6 will arrive after being launched at the 2019 Frankfurt auto show with self=adapting and glare-free IntelliLux diode for the first time in the small-car segment. Also present will be driver aids such as collision alert with autobraking and pedestrian alert as well as radar-based speed control for relaxed freeway driving.


At 4.06m long and lightened to 980kg, the five-seat Corsa’s handling, its maker says, ”remains exemplary”. The coupé-like roof is 48mm lower than its predecessor – without any detriment to head space as the driver sits 28mm lower… er, that leaves the ceiling a net two cm lower?

The automaker’s MD for engineering, Christian Müller, told The Corner: “Aerodynamics increase the efficiency of our cars –  and fuel consumption has been significantly cut.”

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The car’s shape has, Opel says, has optimised efficiency with tests in a wind-tunnel at Stuttgart university showing that an active aero shutter, smooth underbody and rear roof spoiler have made the cars ”as clean through the air as possible”. The drag co-efficient is 0.29 – ”quite remarkable for a car of this size”, Opel says.

As an example, reduced drag at 130km/h (the European freeway speed limit) has cut fuel consumption by as much as five percent.

Third Quarter

… will see the arrival in various markets of a nine-seater Opel Zafira Life MPV that, Opel says, ”has focused on cabin space, comfort and safety”.

The brand’s international marketing director Tobias Gubitz told The Corner: “The two-litre diesel Zafira Life is the ideal family, leisure and business van with comfortable space for nine passengers and, at 1.9m high, will cruise into most underground and multi-floor garages.


”It also has a small turning circle for its length, good handling. and substantial luggage/load space.”

Among the Zafira’s goodies are infotainment systems and electronic traction control ”attractive” proportions, and short overhangs.


Also on the way for various markets is a third-generation Opel Vivaro panel van, described as ”The Perfect Partner for Professionals”. It also has a two-litre diesel engine and is, Opel says, ”a cargo carrier or office-on-wheels – the perfect partner for professionals”

The Vivaro is said to be safer, more comfortable, and more practical than previous versions ”thanks to our ongoing vision to produce vehicles to suit requirements”.


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