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Maserati Royale: Limited run of a special Italian

MASERATI ROYALE. Image: Supplied

MODENA, Italy – Maserati is producing a limited – 100 units – Royale sedan with a choice of Quattroporte, Levante or Ghibli versions with  body-colour choice of two unique shades of blue or green and ”exclusive interior features”.

Maserati says it has, throughout its history, created unique models and exclusive series, among them a 1986 Royale version of the third-generation Quattroporte stands out, a restyling featuring exclusive blue and green colours, improved interiors, with leather upholstery and extensive use of wood on the facia and door panels.

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The Quattroporte Royale was equipped with a 4.9-litre V8 but only  51 were assembled.

Now, Maserati says, it is paying tribute to its heritage with the launch of a special series bearing the same name, available across all models, with the V6 engine featured in the current Maserati range.

Only 100 Maserati Quattroporte, Levante and Ghibli Royale units will be produced with engines – 205kW three-litre  V6 diesel, 261kW petrol and 320kW three-litre V6 petrol.

MASERATI ROYALE: Image: Supplied

The new Royale special series is available in two unique blue and green colours and to complete the elegant exterior look the Levante Royale has 21” wheel rims and  silver brake calipers.

The Royale interiors will be upholstered in a variety of leathers – one of them woven leather made only for Maserati and the cabin will be equipped with a Bowers&Wilkins audio system, power sliding sunroof, and privacy glass.

The Royale Special Series comes with extensive equipment that includes winter, premium, and driving assistance packages.


”Whether driving on city streets,” Maserati says, ”or taking part in a grand tour, high-powered luxury will be met with greater-than-ever safety on the road.

”The Maserati Levante, Quattroporte, and Ghibli Royale have comprehensive driving assistance systems to cope with the road’s greatest potential hazards and enhance comfort and safety for driver and passengers.”

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Like the rest of the range, the Royale Special Series hasa touchscreen interface  to control functions such as front-seat heating, ventilation, steering-wheel heating, and a rear blind. There’s also a reversing camera.

The automaker says the first deliveries are scheduled for March 2020 but orders  can be placed with prices according to specification.

Your nearest Maserati dealer will help with that…

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