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Plus 4 special edition for 70 years of Morgan magic

HOW IT WAS 70 YEARS AGO: A Morgan Plus 4 prototype back in the real motoring days of 1950. Image: Morgan Cars.

MALVERN, England – England’s Morgan Motor Company will celebrate 70 years of its most popular model, the Plus 4, with the creation of the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition.

Which, looking at the two images, do your prefer…?

FLOPPY PANTS: A gentleman wore Plus Fours when out with a lady back around the time of the first Morgan. Image: Wikipedia

The first Plus 4 was assembled by hand back in 1950 (interesting that Plus Fours is also a type of gentleman’s country dress) and has been one of the sport car maker’s best-sellers through seven decades of production.


Morgan recently announced that cars assembled on a classic steel chassis would cease production in 2020 and the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition will commemorate that moment, too.

For the first time the chassis will be painted gold to highlight its significance in Morgan’s 111-year history.

Only 20 Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition cars will be assembled, each with a numbered plaque. A specially-embroidered head restraint will further differentiate the units.

SLEEKER. BUT HANGING ON TO THE LOOK: Platinum Metallic paint – a platinum anniversary celebrates 70 years of marriage. The Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition. Image: Morgan Cars

The automaker told The Corner: ”The company’s in-house design team has created a unique specification with a timeless but sophisticated look and a nod to Morgan’s rich past.

”Platinum Metallic paint – a platinum anniversary celebrates 70 years of marriage – will complement dark grey wire wheel rims and a motorsport-inspired front valance and exterior black pack (black stone guard, A-pillars and sidescreens) awill form a purposeful aesthetic.”

The finest leather has been sourced exclusively for the anniversary edition along with a wood veneer facia, dark-grey carpets, and a satin black Mota-Lita steering-wheel.

Options include a leather-trimmed steering cowl and door handles, mohair hood cover, and sidescreen storage bags but heatable ”performance” seats, footwell lights, and an exclusive commemorative photographic build record come with each car.


The cars performance and distinctive engine note have been proportionally enhanced’with an engine map configured by Aero Racing, Morgan’s in-house motorsport specialist, raising power from 115 to 134kW) and taking its 0-100 time to less than seven seconds.

(Why go that fast, let the plebs drool… – Ed)

Jonathan Wells, Morgan’s design chief, added: “Our aim was to create a classic look, yet such that exudes the significance of what it represents.

”A mix of premium tones, high-quality material, and exquisite details reflect the essence of the venerable Morgan Plus 4 and provide a fitting tribute to the steel chassis that has formed its backbone since it was launched in 1950.”

Want one? Be prepared to cough up the equivalent of R1 128 500 (as of Jan 2020) though you might have to buy used – deposits have already been taken on every one of the 20 cars.


However, a few late-production Plus 4 and Roadster units remain with Morgan dealers – perhaps swallow your pride…

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