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JLR’s high-tech ‘seat of future’ targets back pain

JAGUAR LAND ROVER is developing the vehicle seat of the future and describes it as ”a pioneering, shape-shifting, system designed to improve occupants’ wellbeing by tackling the health risk of sitting too long.

The ”morphable” seat created by JLR’s cabin research division has actuators in the squab foam that make constant micro-adjustments to convince occupants they are walking. The seats can be tailored to suit any person.

About 1.4bn people* worldwide are believed to have a sedentary lifestyle, which can shorten leg, hip and gluteal muscles to cause back pain. The weakened muscles also mean you are more likely to be hurt in a fall.


The seats are said to copy the physical rhythm of walking – called pelvic oscillation – to mitigate the health risks of sitting for too long on a long journey – especially for drivers doing hundreds of kilometres a week.

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JLR says its vehicles already have the latest in ergonomics: multi-directional adjustments, massage functions and aircon. An in-house expert has also advised how to adjust a seat to ”the perfect driving position”, from removing bulky items from pockets to shoulder positioning to making sure spine and pelvis are straight.

WATCH THE video here 

The research is part of JLR’s commitment to continually improve customers’ well-being through technological innovation. Previous projects are said to have reduced the effects of motion sickness and stopping the spread of colds and influenza with ultraviolet light.

* World Health Organisation (WHO)

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