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Roadgoing trash louts: You really are disgusting slobs

LONDON, England – More than 90% of British  road-users would like heavier fines for drivers guilty of slinging rubbish out of their car..

The Corner reckons the same should apply for the disgusting louts who chuck rubbish out of their car while travelling this beautiful South Africa. Frankly, it’s like crapping in your lounge – except on the road somebody else has to pick up your shit.

Mark Carpenter, CEO, Motorpoint
MARK CARPENTER: CEO of Motorpoint, Image: Supplied

Municipalities spend millions of rands here in SA sending teams out to pick up the trash that lazy, disgusting, people discard. Some folk, however, believe the crap-throwers mean jobs for the less fortunate.


An online poll by Britain’s Motorpoint drew 1092 responses of which 90.8% were in favour of heavier fines.

The British government, in 2019, introduced legislation that allowed local authorities to almost double fines. A driver who chucks stuff is now liable for a  £150 fine (nearly R3000) – a pittance given that the UK spends about £800-million a year filling 200 000 bags with road-pigs’ roadside rubbish.

Mark Carpenter, CEO of Motorpoint, said: “The results of the Motorpoint poll clearly show the strength of feeling among road users about the scourge of litter.”

Oh that the trash louts in South Africa would clean up their act. It’s sad that nothing will change.

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