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Maserati going electric – but the sound will be a whine

MASERATI IN ALL ITS BEAUTY: Future models ranges will include electric power – and a distinctive howl. Image: Maserati

MODENA, Italy – Maserati has started testing of full-electric vehicles equipped with 100% Maserati technology developed at an Innovation Laboratory with emphasis on keeping the sound of its petrol engines.

The test sled will be a Maserati Ghibli but the target will apparently be eight plug-in hybrid models and four full-electric cars.

The next full-electric units will have a distinctive signature sound, already a unique attribute of all Maserati cars equipped with traditional combustion engines – but different! Owners will, therefore, benefit from 100% electric propulsion vehicles that will combine driving pleasure, comfort and performance with a unique and unmistakable sound.

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Testing on road and track will acquire data to develop and define battery-powered motors for future Maseratiae, starting with the GranTurismo and GranCabrio, to be assembled in Turin.


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