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How a traffic arrest can change the rest of your life

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – The Audi driver who recorded himself apparently driving at 308km/h on a Johannesburg freeway has been arrested and it is possible his adrenalin was peaking at ”high” so he was probably not considering the possible consequences.

That, at least, is the belief of MasterDrive MD Eugene Herbert who frequently serves The Corner with interesting driving articles and advice. (NB: The following material has been edited by Carman’s Corner.)

Herbert says most people know they will be in trouble but remain unaware of what might happen. “That’s assuming a driver does not kill or injure him/herself or an innocent person in a crash as a result of inebriated or reckless driving.


If you survive and leave hospital, Herbert suggests, Policeman Plod will likely be waiting to speak to you to explain why you might be going to jail. You can be assured that jail is in your future – even if only for a night. Though you might make some new and intimate friends.

“Once you pay your bail,” Herbert explains, ”you will be given a date to appear in court: if you don’t make it your bail money will be gone and an arrest warrant will be issued. You’d better hire a good lawyer, then…

“If, however, you’re a repeat offender or can’t afford a hefty fine, you can be fairly certain that a jail sentence awaits. And don’t even THINK of trying to bribe the arresting officer….


Whatever, the stress, expense, and potential consequences of being arrested for drunken and reckless driving are simply not worth it.”

The ultimate punishment if anybody is injured or killed as a result of your behaviour there is nothing worse than living with someone’s blood on your hands.

With so many options to get home safely, or to experience the thrill of track racing, it makes such driving stupid.

”The answer,” Herbert says, ”is simple. Just don’t do it.”


*On the other hand, the Corner says, he could get off. A photograph of, a possibly inaccurate speedometer and some muttered words about ”look how fast were going” áre hardly definitive evidence.

And, The Corner, has been told, speed traps don’t measure to 300km/h. We hope that’s wrong, but somewhere on his kamikazi run the driver must have been camera-trapped.

Whatever, the court case will be interesting…

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