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Eclectic electric: Mini Cooper launch lights up the Lisbon night

MUNICH, Germany – The Mini Mense aim to conquer city traffic with the new Cooper SE battery buggy (16.8-14.8 kWh/100km not only with lots of driving fun but also zero-emissions.

The Mini marketers at the market launch of the two-door Mini Electric in Portugal say the cars will ”raise the profile of sustainable mobility, the charisma emanating from electric mobility being symbolised in a very special way”. (see image).

Sky-pointing light beams powered by public vehicle-charging stations across Lisbon (there are lots, then?) formed a novel background for the event.

ELECTRIC ON THE AVENUE:  Batteries charged, plenty places to ”refuel”, and the coming Mini Electric shows its paces in Portugal. Image: Supplied

”The light show,” the Mini Mense said, ”is projecting a very clear message: no shortage of charging points. The ideal time has now come to transfer to local emission-free mobility.”

The location for the spectacular show, The Corner was told, was selected ”with care”. The European Commission had selected Lisbon as ”the Green Capital of Europe 2020” so the metropolis on the Atlantic coast qualified for the award with a large number of initiatives to improve the quality of life in the city.

NOSING AHEAD: All-electric British’s Mini in recharge-friendly Portugal. Image: Supplied

More than 500 charging points, its said, will give Lisbon one of the world’s most dense networks to service electric vehicles and the city authority is committed to emissions-free mobility.

Already close to 40% of municipal vehicles are battery-powered.

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The event was staged by Mini Electric in co-operation with Lisbon’s city authority, using the inner city and three urban districts along the coast. The Mini Mense explained: ”It highlights the sheer density of the charging network so demonstrates the excellent conditions for electric driving.”

The light show was also designed in collaboration with the Portuguese air-safety authorities.

Lisbon, its said, is being transformed into a beacon for many cities where significant progress has been achieved in expanding charging infrastructure. Europe (2020) has a network of more than 170 000 public points…

Parallel development is seeing battery-cell technology giving better vehicle range.* Mini says the new Cooper’s high-voltage battery packs can deliver a range of 235-270km, depending on range and load.*


The car has exactly the same space for passengers and baggage as the liquid fuel-powered Mini two-door units.

”Meanwhile,” the Mini Men say, ”the driving fun of the new Cooper SE is unique, delivered by an electric motor packing 135kW. It can accelerate from 0-60km/h in 3.9sec and to 100km/h in 7.3sec. The charge system allows use of direct-current, quick-charging, stations which means 80% in 35 minutes.

*Isn’t it about time for automakers to agree on a particular route in various countries for cars carrying a similar load (weighted dummies and a couple of full suitcases), perhaps?) to be completed in a similar time? With conventional units covering the same route/time for comparison?- Editor

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