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H2? Oh, of course – the 2020 newbie from Haval

2020 HAVAL H2: Budget SUV from booming new company. Image Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Haval Motors SA has introduced to South Africa a second generation of what it calls ”a midsize, modern-styled, two-wheel drive SUV” and badged it the H2.

The Chinese manufacturer describes newcomers as ”smallish wagons with stylish looks, luxurious interior, exceptional power, great safety’, and superb driveability” with ample room for ”everything you need for your journey”.

The central console is finished in piano black, there’s ”atmosphere” lighting, and the maker says there are many more features ”that indicate luxurious comfort”. The seats are at an ”average hip-height”, which provides easy entry/exit – something missing on other SUVs”.

2020 HAVAL H2: Budget SUV from booming new company. Image Supplied

The driving position is upright, the view ahead clear, and the instruments and controls are logically placed.


Power comes from a turbocharged 1500cc four-cylinder engine which, Haval says, ”is high-efficiency and energy-saving with outstanding sporting performance”. Maximum power/torque are 105kW/202Nm.

Haval’s ergonomic approach to design, the automaker says, ”makes the H2 one of the easiest SUVs to enjoy”.

The multi-functional facia displays current fuel-consumption, fuel range, and entertainment options that include Apple CarPlay and iPhone relay to avoid hands of the wheel or looking at little numbers.


Of course, you wouldn’t hold a cellphone while moving, hey?

Collision protection includes front crash mitigation bags and tyre-pressure monitors.

Keyless entry, using radio frequency identification, allows the chipset within the key to automatically lock and unlock the doors at the touch of the door handle.

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Haval H2 City 2WD – R269 900
Haval H2 Luxury 2WD – R294 900
Haval H2 City 2WD a/t – R304 900
Haval H2 Luxury 2WD a/t – R329 900

2020 HAVAL H2: Budget SUV from booming new company. Image Supplied

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