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Nissan offers answers to high fuel expenses

2020 NISSAN MICRA: A sporty solution to fuel-efficient driving. Image: Supplied

ROSSLYN, South Africa – Automaker Nissan believes it has an answer to South Africans taking strain with the prices of petrol, starting with a less-thirsty car.

One answer, it claims, is its latest Micra with its one-litre, 84kW, turbocharged engine that ”has an impressive combined fuel consumption of five litres/100km”.

2020 NISSAN MICRA. Image: Supplied

The engine is said to have technical innovations that enable ”spirited” performance while being economical and having low CO2 emissions due partly to a fritction-reducing spray coating on the engine cylinders’ walls – a process developed for the high-performance Nissan GT-R.


Having done its bit to cut your fuel bills, Nissan has added suggestions to cut all cars’ fuel consumption.

  • The lighter the car, the less fuel burned

EVERY extra kilogram affects fuel-efficiency so unpack your car every evening. Remove sports equipment or luggage you’ve forgotten to unload.

  • Choose the correct gear

YOU CAN save fuel by driving in a higher gear to reduce engine revolutions per kilometres. Use fifth (and six if your car has such) whenever possible and don’t let engine revs rise to high before changing gear.

If you’re driving a petrol car you should move up a gear at 2500rpm, a diesel at 2000rpm.

2020 NISSAN MICRA. Image: Supplied
  • Close those windows!

DRIVING with windows open causes drag – and that burns more fuel. Keeping to the speed limit also helps.

So, a few small changes to driving habits can save fuel – and consequently money. Nissan, of course, suggests buying a Nissan Micra 84kW Turbo.

  • Prices start at R305 900. Or about 20 000 litres of petrol (2020 prices)

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