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Rob Green takes Cherokee into the red with new blower

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – An RGMotorsport Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 6.4 Hemi with a Generation 3 Whipple blower has, the specialist says, produced a Jeep Trackhawk-whipping 546kW/928Nm – enough to hurls the big SUV to 100km/h in an estimated 3.6sec and on to 290km/h.

The standard wagon makes 520kW/230Nm.

RGM has bolted blowers to dozens of American V8 engines (including 20 Mustangs) so claim to have the experience needed to take a Top Dog title, but wait, there’s more… the power is said to be delivered with more refinement but less effort.

WHIPPLE BLOWER. Image: Supplied

Also fitted to the Jeep is a TRGM-Techniflow dual 76mm stainless-steel exhaust system with ceramic-coated headers to blast out the hot gases with minimal delay. An ECU software download comes straight from the Whipple factory and is fine-tuned by RGM’s team to suit South Africa’s varying climates and elevations.

Each car is optimised on the company’s four-wheel-drive dynamometer and, finally, road-tested.

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RGM’s full-house upgrade costs R268 700, including all management hardware and software, and the specialised exhaust. All RGMotorsport upgrades include a six-month or 20 000 warranty (wcf) but extended warranties also available.

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