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Aero rims bump up range for BMW’s electric iX3

MUNICH, Germany – Aerodynamic wheel rims will debut with the BMW iX3 some time in 2020.

The combination of aluminum base rim and individua inserts, BMW says, will complement the already efficient basic shape of the group’s first purely electric sport activity vehicle.

BMW believes the design will reduce aerodynamic drag by about five percent against those on the conventionally powered BMW X3. The rims are also lighter than previous units thanks, BMW says, to optimising airflow through the wheel arches.

THE AERO RIM: 10km more range thanks to clever design .Image: BMW Germany

Benefits include a two-percent reduction in power requirement – adding about 10km to the cars’ range.


A number of designs will become available for vehicle personalisation.

The aero rims will also appear on the BMW iNext and BMW i4, each due for introduction in 2021.

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